Jun. 6th, 2017

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[Because I forgot it wasn't Wed....I'm a day ahead of myself, this is not a good start to the week. ]

1. What I just finished reading?

See last week's post. I finished the Drakon trilogy by Shannon Abe, the last one was Queen of Dragons. And no, I don't recommend it. It was a mess. And I think it was traditionally published, which makes me wonder about the editors. Shame, the first book in the series, "The Smoke Thief" was rather good. It's weird some writers series get better as they go, others really don't.

Also, I've noticed some writers tend to write the same story, with the same style, regardless of what the plot or setting is. Other's you can't tell it's the same writer at all.
Jim Butcher was somewhat interesting in that his style did change from series to series. I couldn't get into his other series...outside of The Dresden Files, but I did try samples and his style is very different in each. While Illona Andrews style is the same, as is Margaret Atwood, Anne Tyler, and various literary writers.

2. What I'm reading now?

White Hot by Illona Andrews. It should be noted that Illona Andrews is actually a husband and wife writing team. She's a Russian immigrant, and he's ex-American military. They met in a creative writing course.

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3. What I'm reading next?

No clue. Flirting with books. Bought The Immortals might try that, which is urban fantasy/mystery -- although there is a serial killer and I hate the serial killer trope with a blinding passion. So we'll see. The serial killer trope is why I stopped reading mystery/thrillers and watching them.

Also still flirting with two political ones..."The Hillbilly Elegy" and "The Road to Somewhere" but not sure I can handle either at the moment.

Oh and I have Whedon's Wonder Woman script to read -- got bogged down at page 21. Why? Thought it was silly and campy. (Diana is busy mooning after the man, and her girlfriend is mooning after the man, while they make googily eyes at each other. It brought back bad memories of the Buffy comics. While Trevor makes snarky comments about these Amazon women. And oh, they are keeping him from delivering necessary supplies to refugees, because they want to kill him for discovering their secret island. So stupid and somewhat offensive. Very happy this wasn't made into a film.) And Warren Ellis' Saga -- volume one. Both on the Ipad. They don't work well on the kindle.
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Seen two episodes of this series now...and, it's definitely interesting. Reminds me a great deal of the tv series Reign except not as melodramatic and less fantastical elements. Actually so far there are no fantastical elements, it's basically a continuation of Shakespeare, with British Shakespearean accents. And dastardly dealings aplenty.

To date?

* a beheading
* fork through a hand
* a sex scene with a whore...although fairly tame, considering ABC not HBO
* a corpse desecrated
* and a man pushed to his death.

Also lots of strategizing and intrigue. I rather like Grant Bowler of Defiance in this. And ASH is doing a lovely job of playing someone who is...deceptively wimpy, when in truth he's rather cold-blooded.

[Interrupted by a very loud cat fight outside my window. Can't see the cats, but can hear them.]

Also the actress playing Rosalind...is very good. I'm also weirdly intrigued by the actor playing Paris, who did a nice job of pretending to be in excruciating pain.

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This isn't great, but it's sort of fun. And I like the political maneuvering.

In other news...I've been watching General Hospital (which yes is daytime soap, I like to discuss it with my mom over the phone -- it gives us something else to talk about) for a while now, and...admittedly, it is a soap opera, and kids age weirdly on soap operas...you'd think the writer's would have some sense of continuity. But no.

Jossylyn Jacks was born in 2009
Spencer Cassadine was born in the 2006
Emma Drake was born in 2007
Jake Spencer was born in 2007
Cameron Spencer was born in 2004

Okay, now guess who is the oldest kid on screen right now?

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