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1. Hacker Hold ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK S5 Hostage -- LOL!. Why? Seriously, why? I've decided that some people just have too much time on their hands.

Good thing I'm not into Orange is the New Black...I just thought it was funny.

2. I find myself endeared to cult or underdog works of art...stuff that self-respecting academics turn their shiny noses up at, what in other words is resoundingly disparaged in academic and by literary writers such as Paul Theroux (although he does write insanely entertaining travelogues, no one else comes close).


Daytime soap operas
Marvel and DC comic books
The Muppets and puppets
The Romance genre

I refuse to be embarrassed about loving these genres. I've seen amazing writing in all of them.

Although, I will admit that it difficult to find any good contemporary romance novels (that aren't in the vein of Jane Austen or the modern equivalent and about the inhabitants of a small town).
And the daytime soap is regrettably a dying breed, the writing has admittedly gone down hill in that genre...and I mean way down hill. Along with the acting. I think the people in it are getting a wee bit tired and desperate.

Also true of the Muppets...I think they've been pulled a bit thin and let success go to their heads.

And...Marvel admittedly has shot itself in the proverbial foot lately, and DC has gotten a shade or two too dark.

But other than that...

3. Just finished watching....

* The Catch -- which needs to find a way to tie together its storylines, because it's become hard to follow again. That said, I think it is about to. I'm almost positive...I know how.
It's sort of predictable, another problem that needs to be resolved. What I love about the Catch is it flips or subverts various genre gender tropes. The head of a British Mafia organization is a woman, who is bisexual. And John Simms plays her brother who is a bit dangerous, homicidial, and also bisexual. Think Drusilla and Spike as British mobsters, yet sane.

* Call the Midwife -- I can't get through an episode of this series without crying. But I am loving the characters and their interactions. It's among the few series that projects kindness and tenderness and compassion as a means of resolving conflict. A nice palate cleanser for...

*The 100 -- which is becoming almost too violent for me. I don't know if I'm going to make it through this season. But I care about the characters -- so still hanging in there. (Also I didn't ship and/or care about Lexa, who I found annoying, so her death didn't bother me. Actually I more or less saw it coming a mile away about six episodes before it actually did. Fit the pattern of the storyline...she had to die for this, that, and the other thing to happen, and to grow various characters. It was plot and character dictated, hence the reason I was able to predict it. And, I didn't care one or the other about the character. Was happy they did the romance between Clark and Lexa, and it was in a way a much better written one than the romance between Clark and Finn.

Two series on television are depicting "bisexual" characters, who really have no clear gender preference, The Catch and The 100. Also both characters are tough women leaders, who in a way are a flip on a traditional gender biased trope. The Catch actually flips and subverts various gender tropes. The 100 is doing the same thing, flipping, commenting on, and subverting various genre and gender tropes. That's why I'm watching it and the characters and the actors...but ghod the story is grim. Ugh. I don't think I can binge watch it.

Regarding sexuality on television?

I think television in the 21st Century is doing a better job with it and has come a long way since the early part of the century and the 1990s. Note, Buffy didn't really go there until 2000 or 2001. Ellen came out in the 1990s and got reamed. What we had was things like "Will and Grace" or the gay best friend in "My Best Friend's Wedding" or shows on cable...but I don't think the L Word and Queer As Folk happened until the 21st Century or thereabouts.

Now, we've ventured into bisexuality a bit more, transgender, and lesbian/homosexual relationships that are not shown as erotic sexual fantasies for straight folks. (*cough*ChasingAmy*cough* comes to mind). ie. the two leads are hot and they decide oh, that was just a phase, I'm going back to being straight now. Here, they look like everyone else, not necessarily model pretty, it's not a phase -- it's not about the sex, it's an actual loving relationship that has layers.

If you were around prior to the 21st Century, you know how big a deal this is and how far we've come. I mean we have commercials now with same-sex couples and their kids...that's huge.

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I liked the fact that the characters in Catch were bi, but not so thrilled that they were "the bad guys." Other than Jack Harkness it's been rare to find heroes who are in any way non-vanilla sexually.

Call the Midwife has gotten rather "issue of the week" for me but it really is hard to dislike.


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