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Been watching the ABC miniseries When We Rise - which is about the LGBT movement from 1970-2015. It's a moving and painful journey, that I've cried through.

This is a good take-away:

If “When We Rise” has a thread, it’s coalition-building, getting disparate voices to find a common chord. The out-groups it portrays are hardly monoliths — Ken, who’s African-American, encounters racism among gay white men and homophobia among black community leaders. But as Cleve puts it, when anti-gay politicians declare “war on all the us-es,” then the us-es discover what makes them a we.

Overall, I agree with the NY Times take on it, which is...that it is uneven in places, but overall with a viewing. And, while we've come a long way, we've still a long way to go, until that is the Archie Bunkers among us die off or change their minds.

It's monumental that the series aired on ABC for four nights. Interrupted only by he who shall not be named address.

The show makes me furious at the homophobic fools.


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