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I sort of already did the Wed Reading meme yesterday, because I got a day ahead of myself.

Almost done the book White Hot by Illona Andrews -- which is weirdly disturbing. It's about a society that is run by "PRIMES" who have "super-powers" which they mainly utilize to acquire power and wealth or to manipulate others. In order to maintain their standing and obtain more power, they run DNA tests to determine which person has similar and compatible talents to their own. (It actually in some respects reminds me of a sci-novel that I'm writing, except mine's a bit more complicated and the powers are obtain via genetic engineering -- they aren't magic, but literally DNA and biologically specific. More X-men or maybe Sense8 than Harry Potter. Also I play games with gender, AI, and everything is run by pharmeceutical corporations and bio-tech companies who conquered the space race, once Trump privatized things.) Andrews novel is much simpler. Her world is an AU urban fantasy, where Primes existed always, and Imperial Russia started WWII and did the Holocaust not Germany. (Should be noted that Illona is Russian.) It takes place in Houston, Texas. (Illona lives in Seattle, but appears to like to place her books in the cities of the deep South. I'm not sure quite gets Texas, but it's an AU urban fantasy, so probably doesn't matter. Oh, as an aside I was explaining to a co-worker a few days back how far things were in Texas...and that Texas was basically larger than most of the states of the north east corridor combined. In landmass? Texas is about the size of the British Isles, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belguim. It's huge. And very different terrain throughout. Some parts are hilly and have trees, others are flat and don't. Lot of empty space.

The US would most likely blow some people's minds driving across it. There are places in it in which you don't see a house or a car or much of anything for miles, not even a tree...just miles and miles of grassland, sometimes a cow, or fences, maybe electric light poles. My mother's family was from rural midwest/west. Farmers and cattle ranchers mainly. )

Anyhow...the book is rather disturbing in places...the heroine's magical ability is "truth-seeking" -- wherein she has the ability to go into someone's head and tear it apart to uncover the truth, whether they want her to or not. She can turn them into a vegetable if she wants to. The hero has the ability to demolish buildings and telekinetically move anything of any mass. She's just figured out that she has this ability and is somewhat discombobulated over it. At one point she finds out why, her father's mother or paternal grandmother is high powered truthseeker. This is a rare ability. And the woman is evil. Her father run away from her, having no powers of his own -- she tore apart his mind, tortured him and hated him. If she found out about the heroine or where the heroine's family was -- she'd kill the mother and maternal grandmother, and enslave the three daughters including the heroine. There's two people who know -- and she's coming to visit one of them, the heroine's pseudo-boss, who owns the mortgage on her business. Her mother tells her to kill him. Her boyfriend, the telekinetic/hero, will kill him. But she can't live with that, so she tells him she has to invade his mind with his help to set up a hex that will lock her grandmother out.

There's a lot of interesting metaphors in there, just not sure I want to break them down.

In other news, cubical mate, the sweetheart across the aisle from me, who is a writer. Has asked if I'd do her the honor of reading her fictionalized account of her mother's life story when she's finished with it. It's a memoir of sorts, told in first person. She told that she'd written a gospel play previously that was published and copyrighted. She's interesting and not at all what one would expect.

Workplace continues to surprise me.


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