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According to Entertainment Weekly there are roughly 145 television series. I actually don't see many new ones that spark much interest, more interested in the returning ones.

Most of the good ones are popping up in October. I remember when everything popped up the week after labor day. Now we have revolving television seasons. And about 145 shows per season, which is about well multiple that by four seasons...and that's a lot of television. That said, most of them are hard to find or require a device, a smart television, cable subscription, and payment. None of it is really free. Well, maybe the five or six broadcast channels.

Returning shows that I'm watching or thinking of watching...or haven't given up on quite yet

1. Lucifer - Now at 8pm on Fox. Starts October 3.

They've added Tom Welling to the cast as a potential new love interest for Chloe. He'll be playing Marcus Pierce, an enignmatic police lieutenant. According to Welling? "He maybe has a different global objective than Lucifer has and I'd be lying if I said I'm not enjoying playing something very different." (So villain? Because that would be fun. Although what would be a different global objective? And does Lucifer even have a global objective? He seems a bit self-absorbed to have a global objective...just saying.

Apparently getting his wings back causes Lucifer to suffer an identity crisis. (You think?) Making him even more dangerous. (I never really saw him as all that dangerous. His family members, yes. Lucifer, not so much. They needed to build that up a bit more.) "It's really Lucifer exploring what it means to be the devil." (I thought he was running away from being the devil? Now he's embracing it? Okay.) "And in doing so, embracing his devilish side more than ever." Also, the executive producer and show-runner vows that Lucifer will keep his promise to reveal the truth to Chloe in the premiere. "It just might not go as smoothly now that he has his wings." (I'd think it would actually go better now that he has his wings...because he can just show his wings to Chloe...and say, see? Devil. Doesn't have to show her the monster face. Much easier. Why would having wings be an issue?
Wings are cool. Why doesn't the showrunner think wings are cool?)

Checked out TV Guide's description and...apparently Welling is playing a dead-pan police detective, no-nonsense, whose seen it all. Who is not receptive to Lucifer. Also, Lucy is a bit ruffled by having no idea who abducted him and abandoned him in the desert or how he got his wings back. (I'm thinking God. But maybe too obvious?) Episode one will dig into the mystery but that story spans the whole season. (Really? Dang.) And there's a character ominously known as The Sinner Man (okay) who will come along and complicate things.

Maze will be kicking butt as a bounty hunter up in Vancouver, an unlikely alliance brews between her former flame Amenadiel (so that's how you spell it) and her bestie Dr. Linda. So weird love triangle? What about Detective Douche Dan? I was shipping him and Amendiel, while Maze with Dr. Linda. Oh well.

2. Poldark S3 Returns to PBS at 9PM on October 1. (Poldark goes to France with the French Revolution, while Demelza must deal with her troublemaker brothers, and Elizabeth has her kid.

3. Good Behavior S2 pops up on Oct 15 - at 10PM TNT. Basically a con-artist/thief, her hitman love and her precocious son living the family life.

It's really good. A twisty and somewhat humorous noir series.

4. This is Us returns on Tuesday (used to be on Wed, confusing) - 9/26/17 at 9PM on NBC.
I can never remember what channels these shows are on. They were discussing at work what channels they watch...I was thinking I don't really watch channels just television shows.

This is Us is an ever-surprising non-linear family saga about a husband and wife who lose a triplet during childbirth and adopt a third baby at the hospital, as well as the journey of the three children, Randall, Kate, and Kevin as children, teens, and thirty-somethings.

It's the best family drama I've seen and one of the best serialized dramas of last year. If you liked Brothers and Sisters, Parenthood, and Friday Night'll probably enjoy This is Us.

5. Riverdale returns 10/11 - CW at 8PM. (I personally would have put it at 9pm for the adult content, but what do I know?)

This is basically Archie Comics by way of Twin Peaks, except without David Lynch. So S1, Twin Peaks.
It's dark, gritty, sexy, and twisty in places.

6. The Good Place returns on 9-20 (ie, tomorrow), on NBC at 8:30 PM (yes, it also moved nights, again, confusing -- I wish they'd stop doing that, stupid network programmers. OTOH, probably doesn't matter, since most people just DVR it or watch on demand or stream.)

This is the comedy with the weird twist. I actually had given up on it, until I found out about the twist and went back to watch and decided it had a charming satirical edge to it.

Anyhow, Eleanor and her friends think they are in heaven. She believes she landed there by mistake. Except heaven is rather irritating and problematic. It's also run by a well-meaning but rather inept and bumbling Angel, who has built a new heavenly domain or so we think.... In reality, it's run by a torture architect in hell, who has come up with a new way to torture souls. He cons them into believing they are in heaven. But they can't figure out why they aren't happy and are miserable.

* There's all sorts of satirical jokes on American culture, politics, and religious mythology.

7. Grey's Anatomy returns on 9-28, Still Thursdays, at 8PM. It's Season 14. It has Supernatural beat by one season. Supernatural is on S13. But NCIS has made it to Season 15, and The Simpsons and South Park are on Season 20 something.

Some shows can't die.

They are rebooting or refreshing it with new interns, a refurbished and remodeled hospital (it was sort of blown up last season), and new love triangles...because it's actually a soap masquerading as a serious medical drama. Entertainment Weekly provided a flow chart showing all the incestuous and soapy relationships between the characters...basically proving my point.

8. Once Upon a Time reboots itself on 10-6 at 8PM on ABC and it also appears to have changed nights.(Because the network programmers are bored apparently?) It's now on Fridays.

It also has basically re-written itself from scratch. You honestly could come into this without having seen the previous seasons and be fine. Instead of the story revolving around Snow White and the Evil Queen, it's revolving around Cinderella and her Wicked Stepmother...and StepSister. With Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) as a sort of portal jumping Rumplestilskin character. And the Princess from Princess and the Frog as Cindy's friend. Also, POC cast. Which is interesting. And Henry is apparently in the Emma role now, or rather an adult Henry is.

Very odd. I am admittedly curious. But the writing has been ...disappointing to date. So we'll see.

9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Pops up on 10-13, still on Friday. CW. It has managed to survive, probably because it is on the CW. The CW is rather interesting in that regard.

This is a cool sitcom, doesn't always make me laugh, but it has its moments. Sometimes it makes me cringe. But it is a great satirical critique of our gender issues, how our society views romantic love, etc. Plus it has song and dance numbers.

10. Stranger Things S2 -- shows up on Netflix on 10/27. In time for Halloween.

11. Big Bang Theory --- returns on Monday 9/25 at 8PM (Season 11)

Shows...I'm giving a second chance to:

* Lethal Weapon (I'm curious what they do with the cast shake-up)
* Gotham (Bruce Wayne is becoming Batman)
* Outlander (I may do the Starz trial and check it out)
* The Exorcist - Jon Cho
* Better Things
* Will & Grace (okay it's new, but 11 years later...)
* Poldark (see above)
* Great News (which I didn't try last year)

It's late, bed calls. Will do the new shows some other time.

Date: 2017-09-21 02:55 pm (UTC)
anoyo: (poldark ross/demelza)
From: [personal profile] anoyo
I was so confused when you said S3 of Poldark was coming out, and I was like, "Is there a S3 part two?!" until I actually read the description. That is an incredible lag from the BBC to PBS for this season. It's usually only a couple episodes off, not months. That's super weird.

But, um: season three was really good! So there you go.

Also, didn't Gotham-as-Gotham get canceled, and this is essentially a reboot?

Date: 2017-09-21 05:10 pm (UTC)
anoyo: (hp mcgonagall nuuu)
From: [personal profile] anoyo
Hmmm. I liked season two of Poldark, though I'll admit a lot of that had to do with Demelza cold-cocking Ross in the face. (I was watching the episode, so mad after the last episode, said aloud to a friend, "I hope she just fucking cold-cocks him," and then thirty minutes later she did and it was the probably the most vindicated I've ever felt.) I'll allow that season three is better, though there are parts of it that are S2 types of dark rather than S1 types of dark. (If you love characters other than Ross and Demelza, you might not like certain other things.)

As for Gotham, I made it through season 2. That was it. I sort of meant to pick it back up, mostly because I love Ben McKenzie, but I never did. I don't know if I will now, or not. I might just save it to Netflix marathon when the whole series is done.

Date: 2017-09-21 06:47 pm (UTC)
anoyo: (chicago med connor fuck yeah)
From: [personal profile] anoyo
The cold-cocking is one of my favorite television moments of all time. I mean, it's on a list of like 50, but it's on there. And I've watched an absurd amount of television.


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