Dec. 30th, 2016

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Originally posted by rahirah at CONFIRMED: LJ Servers moving to Russia now with all kinds of links and shit LJ has been owned by a Russian company, SUP, for some years, but until recently, the servers were in California, and thus subject to US law. This is no longer be the case. Links on the ramifications of this (English speakers will need to use Google Translate on the last two):

Rahirah did a traceroute ( ) on her own LJ, and it appears to come through a Russian server now.

There are unconfirmed reports that journals with 'objectionable' content, such as pro-Ukraine blogs, are being deleted. There's also what looks like a mass migration of Russian users into Dreamwidth over the last week or so.

There are all kinds of ramifications for this move, most of them bad. For people located outside Russia, I think the greatest risk is simply that SUP has decided that the non-Russian side of LJ hasn't been profitable in ages, and is never going to be profitable, and this is the first step in shutting it down entirely. So if you have a Livejournal with content that you'd like to preserve, now is a real good time to back it up.

HOW TO BACK UP YOUR LJ: (importing personal blogs) (importing communities)

You can import tags, icons, filters, posts, and comments – the whole shebang. You can also set up crossposting to Livejournal.

If you have no Dreamwidth account, if someone imports a comment you made, it will be made under your Open ID account. If you make a DW account, you can claim these comments: (How can I claim my OpenID account with my Dreamwidth account?)

If you're already on Dreamwidth, or is you're setting up a backup account there now, please let me know so I can friend you over there. I'd hate to lose track of everyone if we wake up one morning and find a big ol' 404 error where LJ used to be.


Please let me know who you are on Dreamwidth. (I'm "shadowkat" on Dreamwidth, just no 67. Mainly because when I joined there weren't any other shadowkats).
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I'm importing my entire journal over here. Not going to bother deleting political posts on the other one -- they are out there and mostly locked. Besides it's not like I said all that much that anyone else hasn't stated already and far better. (So if you get inundated with old posts from my journal on your reading page, mucho apologies. I know some people already did it.)

Anyhow, haven't posted here in a while, and I'm not used to the site or how it works. So, we shall see. Also the layout isn't the same. So I may have to tinker a bit.

Good news, there isn't all those irritating FB, Twitter, etc ad ons.
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So, what television shows struck a chord in 2016?

In no particular order, or rather as I remember them. So many just blurred.

1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - uneven, like most comedies, but rather a joy for the most part, with it's spot on satire of the romantic love trope. The set-up? Rebecca Bunch, a successful attorney in Manhattan is miserable. One day she runs into her ex-boyfriend from High School, Josh Chen. And is struck by cupid's arrow. He represents the secret to happiness in his smile. So she quits her job, hops on a plane to West Covina, California, to basically pursue him. Thinking if she can just win him back, all will be right with the world. Needless to say things don't quite go as planned. Filled to the brim with satirical song and dance numbers, Crazy veers from laugh out loud funny to cringe-inducing satire. You'll either wince or laugh yourself silly.

2. Good Behavior - a satirical noir/black dramedy, about an Argentine Hitman and a ex-junkie Thief who hook up after she successfully steals from him, then sleeps with him, and attempts to stop one of his hits. She fails -- he carries off the hit. But as he puts it, they did something to bring him there. He doesn't kill innocent people. Stars Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame and a really Spainish actor.

3. Game of Thrones S6 -- better than expected. It veered widely from the books, because hello, S6. There are only five books at the moment and no clear sign when or if the final one will be published. GRR is taking his time. (I personally think he is mentally blocked). Best bits? Tyrion and Danerys, and oh Ayra and Jon Snow's trajectories. This season was a bit on the cathartic side and made up for last season. Catchy dialogue, and better pacing. Also the writers wisely cut some of the more sluggish plot points that were in the books, and combined a few lesser characters. Still have the Iron Islands plot arc, but not quite as expected, and in some respects it works a whole lot better, as does Brienne's story arc.

4. Stranger Things -- Netflix, a compelling and addictive horror series that is reminiscent of Stephen King and the 1980s movies made by Steven Spielberg. It's about a bunch of kids in an eerie small town in upstate New York, who run across a monster from an alternate dimension. Spooky and may keep you up at night. Stars Winona Ryder as the Mom, but the kids are the real treat.

5. Daredevil S2 -- Netflix -- Electra blew me away. In some respects it was better than the previous season. With the introduction of The Punisher and Electra, two villians that had a complexity that the Kingpin lacked. Although not to worry, he showed up too. The Punisher story arc was a bit on the slow side but did add depth to Karen, one of the sidekicks story arc. The best arc was Electra.

6. The Crown -- a compelling drama about Queen Elizabeth II's reign, starting with her father's death in 1950s. Clair Foy and Matt Smith star, and Smith is astonishingly good as Prince Phillip.

7. The Good Wife -- while uneven, it landed on its feet and delivered an intriguing ending.
Also delved deep into political satire -- timely political satire at that.

8. Lucifer -- uneven. But with a delicious lead, and some interesting mythology. The procedural plots are rather humdrum, but the rest is quite fun. That is when it doesn't get bogged down in Freudian territory.

9. Grey's Anatomy -- on it's 13th season, it's actually more interesting than before. Having killed off Derek Shepard (sorry Spoiler alert), Meredith Grey is being explored in a new way. Along with the rest of the denizens of the hospital. It does have its weak links, which are the new residents. The show isn't quite as good at adding new younger characters as it would like to be.
But the older characters continue to deliver the goods, and the storyline for the most part skirts just to the edge of melodrama.

10. Westworld -- a convoluted plot that was often confusing to follow, but had some intriguing ideas folded within it. The type of series that plays with one's head long after it has aired. The premise? Based loosely on Michael Crichton's film of the same name, in the distant future, people travel to a Western themed amusement park, populated by androids that feel, look, and act human. The point of view is the androids and their keepers. When the creator of the park decides to awaken his creations and make them truly human and conscious...things begin to get really interesting. Then of course the question arises, weren't they always? And to what degree is he responsible for their welfare?

On the To Watch List:

* Sense8
* Luke Cage
* Rest of Crown
* Designated Survivor
* Poldark S2
* OUAT S6 or is it 7? Part I


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