Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Finally some new "Sherlock" episodes. I think there are three to four that they filmed for 2017. Not positive.

Whether you like "Sherlock" has a great deal to do with whether you like this particular portrayal of the Great Detective, the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, the writers - Moffat and Gatis, and Martin Freeman as Watson. If any of the above irritate or turn you off for any reason, you won't like Sherlock. It is what it is. (shrugs). And let's face it there have been numerous portrayals of Sherlock not to mention versions over the years to choose from. Which one you personally prefer has more to do with you than much else. One of my New Year's resolutions is not to argue over inconsequential things. Or people's personal preferences. It's a waste of time and not very good for my blood pressure.

Anyhow, I liked last night's episode quite a bit. Had some interesting twists and turns. That said Mark Gatis's plotting was a bit off in places, so I kept getting lost and having to rewind. The series has the irritating habit of skipping over stuff, then going back and showing it long after the fact and often when the audience has forgotten about it. Which is a neat narrative trick, but risks losing the audience if done poorly. They did a bit too much of it. (I don't think it was necessary in regards to John Watson. Mary and Sherlock, yes, possibly but not John too. That was overkill. spoiler ))

Also, at times, I felt the performances and direction was tad too manic. Such as the birth of Rosalind in the car and Holmes obsession with texting everything all the time. Humorous but over the top. Lacked subtlety. That said, I get why they did it, and it was to a degree effective satire of our world's obsession with cell phones and texting constantly. I've seen people texting all the frigging time as well. At the dinner table. In theaters. In cabs. At major events. I have no idea what they are saying or texting about that could be so vitally important. And I think that was the writer's point -- except here Sherlock is solving multiple crimes via text. We have John Watson's irritation with texting - and preference for blogging as a counter-point. Effective in places, but also over-done.

Other than that? I liked the episode a great deal and found the unraveling of the mystery interesting and sad. Not among the more uplifting episodes. Didn't realize how much I'd missed the series.
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On the whole DW move and why LJ moving to Russia servers bothered many of us, enough, to move over to DW.

It's notable that quite a few Russian and Ukrain bloggers also jumped over.

The US and Russia have different laws, particularly in regards to free speech and content ownership. While for the most part, Russian copyright law follows Western European conventions, there are a few differences. Less so now than before.

So, it depends on what you are blogging about. If you only blog about cultural things or what you did each day or your pets and kids, no issues. If however, you blog about politics, world affairs, and economics - you might want to jump over to DW.
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When writing I've noticed that I struggle with the following bits:

1. Comma placement. A lot of times it makes no logical sense to me. If something doesn't track logically, I don't remember it. I can't remember things that do not make sense to me logically.
It can't just be an arbitrary rule that someone came up with while sitting on the potty.

2. Affect/Effect. For some reason my mind flip them. I've no clue why.

3. It's and its. Also flips them.

4. Then and than -- screw this up all the time.

There's others I'm certain. My mind often is moving faster than my fingers can type, so my fingers often type the wrong things. Or there is a disconnect between my mind and my fingers. It's worse with oral communication -- I'll often say a word that is the opposite of what I'm thinking or not what I'm intending to state at all, and worse, not realize it. It's a sort of ephasia that I have no control over. Very irritating.

Example? I was talking to my mother about Sherlock. And said that the whole bit with Watson and the bus driver should have been told in real time. My mother said -- "you mean the bus rider, it wasn't the bus driver." Me - "Oh, I thought I said bus rider."

I worry about the details, because more often than not they trip me up. I can't count the number of times I've been blasted on the internet for screwing up on a detail. Or forgetting to fact-check a point.

It can make it difficult to write at times.


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