Jan. 7th, 2017

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So, it snowed. Allegedly four inches, although since 8 am and didn't stop until roughly 5PM, so thinking slightly more than four inches. I like snow -- as long as I don't have to drive in it, shovel it, or travel through it. Which I don't until Monday, when it will all be cleared.

The city does over-react to it at times. Had an interesting discussion with a Russian woman in the elevator regarding this the other day -- to which she stated, "knowing this city, they will freak out."

Watched some telly, and drank home-made hot coco with whipped almond/coconut milk.

* Star -- I like the musical numbers better than Empire, has more dancing and a better R&B beat. But then I'm more of an R&B fan than "Hip-Hop" or "Rap" which tends to irritate me, unless it's women doing it. I like Destiney's Child for example. Also, more of a Benjamin Bratt fan than the lead of Empire...so there's that. That said? Empire is definitely better written, even though I didn't make it past the second episode -- because I can't watch television series about drug dealing any longer. And Empire is more about the drug trade than the music industry - - reminded me a little of the film Hustle and Flow. Have the same problem with "Atlanta" which is also more about the drug trade than the music industry.

A little back story on why television series about the drug trade irritate me -- way back in the 1990s, I did an internship with the Kansas Defender Project and spent a summer journeying to and from Leavenworth Penitentiary counseling clients who were in prison for their various roles in the drug trade. If it weren't for the drug trade, these guys would not be in prison. All three were addicts. One was a hit man for a major drug cartel on the east coast, which smuggled heroine up from the South to NYC. I spent half the summer reading his court transcripts to see if he had a case for ineffective assistance of counsel. He didn't. And yes, he was guilty and showed no remorse. His eyes were yellow, he slurred his words, and I could see the track lines in his arms. The next was a career bank robber, who was robbing banks to fuel his crack cocaine addiction. He's served more than his time, had rehabilitated himself, was running drug rehab clinics at the prison, and had written a pamphlet to scare kids off drugs. He was up for parole, and quite charming. The third was in prison for possession of crack cocaine, which had a lengthy term. I couldn't do a thing for him. Painful, but true.

So, when I watch television glamorize the drug trade -- with musical soundtrack, and get half of the facts wrong, I wince and flip the channel in disgust. Even STAR has this problem. Also, why is it that the black music series all feature the drug trade front and center, but the white music series about country music doesn't? Where is it written that if you do Hip-hop, Rap, or R&B -- you are a cocaine addict or dealing drugs? But if you are writing country music or rock, you aren't? Am I wrong to be irritated by this?

* Crazy Ex-Girl Friend

spoilers )

* Nashville --- oh, how far you've sunk. They got rid of the only thing that was holding my interest -- the great musical numbers. Now we barely get musical numbers, two strands of a song if that. Instead a lot of pointless relationship drama that doesn't really go anywhere and feels a bit cliche. This is Us and Thirtysomething did this sort of thing better. Nashville's strength was the music and references to the music industry, the romantic relationships always felt a bit soapy, now even more so...except with less point. Also, I really miss Luke Wheeler and the other gal -- who had great voices, far better than Rayna and Deacon.

We'll see if I stick with it. Right now...I'm thinking of ditching it and cutting my cable subscription back another five bucks to value added.

I think I'm going to give up on cable tv for a bit and watch The Crown on netflix.


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