Jan. 8th, 2017

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Have so far watched about six episodes of The Crown on netflix, starring Matt Smith, Clair Foy and John Lithgow. It's rather good and compelling. Didn't recognize Greg Wise, who portrays Prince Phillip's uncle, Lord Mountbatten and sponsor in England.

It also goes a long way towards explaining the British view of the monarchy, why there is a monarchy, and Queen Elizabeth II and Philip's reaction to the whole Princess Diana mess. I can sort of understand now why Diana irritated them. Also explains why being Queen of England is not exactly the most rewarding or desirable job on the planet.

How accurate or true any of this is -- I've no clue. It's hard to tell with fictionalized biopics or historicals. Will state that a couple of historical figures, long dead, do not come out well - "Churchill" and "the Duke of Windsor" both come across as manipulative opportunists. Although they actors are rather wonderful in these roles, and provide a certain amount of layering.

In other news, my cousin, or rather my mother's cousin, has taken it upon himself to clean all of the fake news off of Face Book and convince his friends not to like it, post it, share it, etc.
More power to him. As a result, I'm becoming an expert on how to root out fake sites, or unreliable ones on the internet.

It's rather easy. All you have to do is put a question in Google: "how reliable is (url or site)?"
And up pops information on the site. Also you can go to it directly and see if it tells you anything about it -- if not? Not reliable. And you can check the IPO address.

I did this with a site called truthmonitor - and yes, the name is an oxymoron. If someone calls themselves truth seeker or truth monitor, it bodes well to question them on that.

One of my aunts ranted recently on FB about the political posts. I'm like, did you really expect people to stop discussing this after the election? Come on. Also, people are on FB for different reasons. I joined it in 2008 to discuss politics and get information on politics, because a lot of sites posted info at that time exclusively to FB. Then people on LJ and DW friended me. Crazy relatives, friends from work, church, and college came much later. I don't have a lot of followers/friends on FB, nor do I want many. Hard to keep track of the one's I have.

In reading people's end of year television and movie lists..we really don't appear to watch many of the same things any longer do we? Outside of maybe Crazy Ex-Girl Friend (five people mentioned that one, interesting, didn't expect it to have that big a following on lj/dw) Doctor Who, Sherlock, and... quite a few The Americans fans (obviously you guys/gals don't feel inundated by Russians and do not want to hear the language or anything about Russian spies in film or tv for a long time.) No one mentioned Sense8 -- which I'm gearing up to try.
Also, a lot of people are watching Class -- Doctor Who spinoff.


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