Jan. 9th, 2017

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Definitely better than last week's episode, with a lot of twists and turns. Unlike other versions of "Sherlock Holmes", it's sort of hard to figure out what will happen next because the plot is rollicking past you at a 100 mph. Also, Moffat/Gatis are going for a more noirish take on the series than most. If you aren't a fan of noir tropes, I can't see you liking Sherlock all that much. (ie. lots of shady ladies, the heroes deeply flawed, and often things not ending well. In the noir, the hero stares into the abyss, and more often than not, falls in.) I think the series skates across the line of the traditional noir trope, but just barely. Noir heroes are often jerks. But never boring, and quite fascinating in a way.

Say what you will about Moffat's Sherlock, he's not boring. Wish I could say the same thing about Elementary, gave up on that finally, because I kept wandering off or going to sleep during it. I like the characters in some respects better, but dang, is it dull at times. May be the 22 episode procedural format? (shrugs)

Yes, I'm being annoyingly opinionated. Not feeling up to snuff physically, and it leaves a slight after taste of irritability. Also, I'm trying not to worry about DJT's cabinet picks. Culverton Smith, the villain in this week's Sherlock, reminded me uncomfortably of DJT. Sort of Mini-Version of DJT on speed. (You know like Doctor Evil's Mini-Me? Well Culverton Smith is Mini-DJT. Which is enough to give anyone nightmares.)

I like how the series continues pulls back the veil on our ego driven culture. Where everything is a competition, and people are broken down into winners and losers, while powerful men like Culverton Smith see themselves as untouchable and able to do anything.

Other things I like about this episode, which I found easier to follow and more emotionally satisfying than the last one. Moffat is a better writer than Gatis, who I think is a better actor. Gatis plays Mycroft Holmes. Moffat utilizes gimmicks, but not to the same degree, and far more effectively. The flashback was utilized effectively here, but in a confusing manner in the last episode.

Spoilers )

Overall, I rather enjoyed that episode. And I'm still enjoying Sherlock, even when it gets a bit muddled.



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