Jan. 17th, 2017

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370 Cities Across the World Just Announced Trump Inaurguration Protests.

According to Occupy Democrats, 14,000 are planning on marching in London.


The biggest marches outside of Washington are planned in New York City (which is technically unaffiliated with the D.C. march), Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Denver, San Francisco, Austin and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Internationally, 55 marches have been planned in cities such as Paris, Sydney and Nairobi.

The aim, Eyoel said, is not to detract from the March on Washington in any way, but to encourage people everywhere to join in what she took pains to describe as a “non-partisan,” not explicitly “anti-Trump” march.


Whoa. That's historic. I've never seen 370 marches in protest happen simultanouesly. And they are frigging long.

NYC is right now at 50,000- 60,000. And it's supposed to be sunny with a high of 50 degress on that day right now. So, we may end up with even more.

Also people are going to protest rallies on January 19 at Trump Tower.


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