Jan. 24th, 2017

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Posted this on Facebook, thought I would here as well...

I think this is a difficult time for our country or rather the US (for those who aren't US citizens and live elsewhere). We just came off of an election in which, both sides were convinced that the other side's candidate was the WORST candidate ever. I think it's important for us to realize what this means and look at it historically.

In the 1930s, around the world, the middle class felt disenfranchised. They'd just come off of an expensive and to them meaningless war - WWI, which shares a lot in common with the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. People felt they couldn't get ahead. And hated the elite. News was changing with the advent of radio and movies. We didn't have television as of yet, and there were no computers. But movies back then and news reels were quite useful - that was the distributor of fake news and propaganda back then. Adolphe Hitler, not an attractive man by any stretch of the imagination nor really all that charismatic, in many ways shared personality traits with Donald Trump. He was prone to rage, charismatic to his followers,off-the cuff, scapegoated, and rallied with hate. He said what many people thought. And at that time people needed someone to blame -- they were so angry. He was elected by the German people and many people in the US and Great Britain supported him, among them were Duke of Windsor, Mrs. Wallis, Charles Lindbergh and even Joe Kennedy, the head of the Kennedy clan. Hitler promised the German people wealth and prosperity -- jobs, health care, etc. He hired a film-maker to make news reels promoting him to the world. No one believed that he was imprisoning Jews, homosexuals, Gyspies, and political dissidents (or basically anyone who didn't agree with him and did not fit his ideal group.) And when it came out, people shrugged it off. Germans, the everyday people, said it's not a big deal or this isn't happening. Hitler was a master at gas-lighting. Even after people showed pictures of the death camps, after soliders came back with horror stories -- many Germans and sympathizers refused to believe the Holocaust happened and declared it to be "fake" news. There are people in the US who were stating that as far back as 2000. Shocking? I thought so.

Gaslighting was invented in the 1930s/1940s...even though the term was coined off of a 1940s film (1938 play) entitled Gaslight -- and was in some respects a metaphor for the time -- we had an insane, yet charismatic populist leader gas-lighting those around him. And Hitler was by no means the first or last one to do it. Napoleon did it -- and Napoleon wasn't all bad. He had some good ideas in there - such as freedom from a monarchy, and jobs for all. An end to the rich ruling class. Look at Stalin, who also seemed to have some good ideas. Or Andrew Jackson. Or those rallied to crucify Jesus...they were no different than those wishing to crucify Hillary or voting for Trump. What they all have in common is rage and hate in their hearts. Over a hundred years of our history has people like this popping up. And many nice, kind, good people supporting them out of anger and fear and hate. Who look the other way, out of disinterest, or a desire to preserve their lives the way they are, much like Archie Bunker in All in the Family as he sings "Those were the Days."

Evil isn't a demon sitting in hell, it's the guy next door who decides to look the other way when a police man beats a black man in front of him. Or a community turns a death ear when a woman is being raped outside their window screaming for help. It's in those every day choices that over time lead to a Hitler rising to power. But people fight it. Schindler, the Sharpes, various people over time have stood up. I hope I can. I don't know sometimes if I can. People frankly make me crazy at times. That's what scares me. It's easier to do nothing..and posting this on social media is scary too - what if someone defriends me over it or unfollows me or judges me or sees me as self-righteous? Maybe I am? But I am a writer and this is what I know how to do. So I write and post and hope that maybe it will make a difference...even if it doesn't appear to. I hope I am wrong about Trump, but what I've seen over the past ten years watching him and his effect on those around him and who follow him -- shows the opposite. He scares me. He should scare you too.
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1. Work has been disheartening. Reflecting the weather, a constant rain, pours, drizzles, the sky either looks like gray smoke or a thin layer of dirty of dishwater. It has a smell, clean, but tainted somehow. And as I walk through it to and from work each day, I feel it's weight on my shoulders pushing me down, down...into the ground, although I stand upright, just bowed, umbrella with pretty blue flowers and books imprinted upon it, pressed across my head. Ugh. January. You are a depressing month.

2. Binge-watched The Good Place -- after I found the spoiler. I got curious. The last five episodes are actually rather clever. I particularly enjoyed episode 8, where Michael's assistant, a sort of pseudo robot named Janet, had to be rebooted after being accidentally murdered. (Yeah, I know she's a robot or artificial life form, but go with it.) Every time anyone asked her for anything, she'd produce a cactus.

Michael : I need the file on Eleanor.
Janet: here you go.
Michael: that's a cactus.


Janet: Good news I found the file on Eleanor.
Michael: is it a cactus?
Janet: no it's the file.
Michael : Okay, hand it over.
Janet hands Michael a cactus.

Eleanor: May I have a glass of water?
Janet hands her a cactus.

They did however, like most American situation comedies, take the joke one step too far...but still it was funny. That's actually my issue with it --- and most situation comedies, they don't know when to stop. To be fair, this is my own issue telling jokes or with comedy. When someone laughs, I feel the unnecessary need to repeat it. So maybe this is just human nature?

Another great bit? Michael gives Eleanor and Jsaon tests to see if they belong in the Bad Place. The questions are hilarious.

Michael: have you ever taken your shoes and socks off in a plane?
Eleanor: No, and ewww.
Michael: Have you ever watched the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, (lists all the Bachelor shows and spin-offs)?
Eleanor: No.
Michael: Posted on social media about any of the couplings that you were following?

I wanted to add a question. "Have you voted for a Republican for President in the last 50 years?"
But I can see why the writers might want to refrain.

spoilers on the twist )

3. Crazy Ex-Girl Friend -- I've decided Beer_good_foamy's description fits -- "OMWF the series" except more of a satire on romantic love and relationships.

Is it bad that I desperately want Rebecca to sleep with Nathan, her nasty boss? I'm actually shipping them. I think it is because I find Josh Chen and Rebecca annoying. I like Josh better when he isn't with her, also I think he deserves someone less crazy. Rebecca and Nathan have the same issues and are equally crazy -- they are perfect for each other. Both are narcissists and both seem to think external validation will make them happy.

I have to admit, while I find Rebecca interesting, I don't like her. She reminds me a wee bit too much of an old friend that I broke up with and not in a good way.


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