Jan. 25th, 2017

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Today was better work-wise. The trip to conduct interviews for project control schedulers, which I'd been dreading turned out rather well. I ran into some old co-workers, who greeted me with warm smiles and hugs. Pleased to see me. I needed this after the past two days...which have been abysmal.
Did a guided meditation last night -- from a tape that I'd purchased at the Kriplau Center. It helped a great deal, centered me and left me calm.

News wise..see last post. I don't know if I'm going to make four years of this. Not sure my country will, let alone four months.


1. Saw THIS article on Whedon on my phone. My phone gives me various news feed updates. Personally, wish it wouldn't give me FOX news, because I don't consider Fox reliable. Although at the moment, like all the news agencies, it appears to be at war with You Know Who on the topic of alternative facts. So too is Merriam Webster Dictionary. Yes, so far our resistance is being lead by Badlands National Park Service, Merriam Webster Dictionary and Teen Vogue as someone posted on twitter. Anywho, the bit on Whedon made me giggle. I know, bad me, but there it is.

2. Romance novel...by someone or other, about a musician who decides to ravish or is that seduce a gardner. Okay, should be more descriptive, hate to mislead you. It takes place sometime in the 1800s, no clue when. Madeline is being primed to marry a Marquess so that he can save her family estate and the gardens, which she loves. But along comes a hunky musician, who makes me think of a wealthy version of Heathcliff, who burns his compositions, and is driven half mad with music. He takes it into his head to seduce her -- he's not interested in marriage. He is rich, he is titled, or will inherit a title and his father would like him to marry, he just wants to make everyone miserable because his father abused him. Yeah, the wounded hero trope. You either like it or you don't. I like it. Some people hate it.

Meanwhile, her stepmother, who I think may actually be her mother, is attempting to get her to marry the Marquess, who is a nice guy, into archaeology, kind, albeit older, plump, and not attractive.
Madeline, of course, is ravishing.

The characterizations are interesting and the writer subverts the trope a bit here and there. The stepmother is in love with a much younger man. She's not wicked and cares for her daughter. The Marquess or rival suitor is a nice guy and actually a far better match than the wild young heir to the Earldom and musician. Madeline herself is not stupid or winsome. No Clarissa. The author obviously either read Clarissa or knows about it -- because the Earl mentions it and in a less than positive manner. I found it interesting because I read it, although it did make me frown at the hero. He asks the heroine if she'd like to be ravished like some Clarissa...if that's what she prefers...(he is drunk at the time, but I wanted to smack him, because Clarissa wasn't ravished, she was raped, repeatedly, I know, I read the book. And saw the frigging mini-series.)


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