Jan. 26th, 2017

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Eh...the news today, Oh My God. I'm getting tired of feeling that. I think I may take a vacation from the news for the next three days. Or from the Dumpster and his cronies. Today, the universe sent me a message -- "be careful not to feed your anger, if you let your anger consume you, it will destroy your life and everything you care about." True. It will. I'm not the only one becoming unhinged.

Me: What infuriated me today, sent me into a rant, was the news that Trump was going to pull billions of dollars in federal funds from Immigrant Sanctuary Sites around the country, this could cost NYC 130 Billion in Federal Funds. (Consider we are paying 35 Million a week to secure Trump Tower...)

Mother: Also infuriated 100 Mayors.

Me:Wait what?

Mother: It pissed off 100 Mayors from each of the cities.

Me: OMG. Along with the governors, I'd imagine.

Aunt: He can't do it, people are protected under federal law.

Dear Trump -- stop trying to run our country like one of your hotels, it isn't going to work. See?
This is why we don't elect business people. He tried to put a gag order in place. You can't gag people in a government agency, not with the internet.

Also, the Senior Management of the State Department resigned. All the Senior Management. My mother didn't believe me. I said it was reported in the Washington Post, The Independent and CNN, who agreed they resigned, except CNN decided they'd been fired.


Welcome to the on-going political satire from hell that is American politics. And you thought our election was bad...I actually sort of miss our election.

Five positive things?

1. The sun came out
2. People hugged me at work yesterday
3. There's a nifty view from the glass elevators up to and down from the air train, where I get hot coco at work each day -- Tim Horton's Hot Coco...which isn't as good as the coco I got in the city, but a heck of a lot cheaper.
4. Got my laundry done
5. Texas Democratic Rep told Trump to go to hell and shove his wall plan up his ass (tee hee)
(okay maybe that doesn't count).


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