Feb. 12th, 2017

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I managed to trim my recorded television shows, or rather decrease the hours from 47 to 33, mainly by deleting shows that I'm never gone to watch. Such as The Magicians and Mercy Street.
Also canceled Quantico and Designated Survivor.

I'd watched both The Magicians and Mercy Street last year, and fond neither all that compelling or worth a second season. The writing didn't quite work for me for either. And both were a bit offensive in places - or rather sexist.

Nashville has improved exponentially since last season, or rather in leaps and bounds. The change in writers and channels has given it an unexpected boost in quality and entertainment value. At any rate, the new writers managed to lift Nashville from soap status to drama status.

Finished watching Frequency -- which I think has been cancelled? With only 13 episodes ordered? I think the CW cancelled it in November, it may get a renewed life on Netflix. Don't know, don't care. After seeing all of it, I'm cancelling it. It's depressing and I don't like the plot structure. Contrived in places and the time-travel science doesn't quite work for me and falls into cliche in various spots. I think this would have worked better if the writers had let go of the serial killer thread and solved it early on, then expanded on their world, by focusing solely on the serial killer thread with no concrete solution in sight, they began to hemorrhage the audience. For one thing, audiences are a bit burned out on serial killers by now. And, each time they come close to catching the guy there's either a red herring, a mislead, or he gets away -- which is just frustrating to watch. Real Life is frustrating enough at the moment... Add to that, the whole time travel bit is through a ham radio and the only thing that they discuss is capturing a serial killer to save Mom. As if that's the only thing that could happen. Oh and, somehow the only person who remembers anything on the time loop is the protagonist...and she can't tell anyone, and if she does, they forget...or don't believe her. Like I said, very frustrating television series to watch.

It's hard to keep track of television shows now...there's so many, and they come and go without much warning.
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A) Seven good things...

1. New haircut -- I actually enjoyed the experience, which is new..felt energized
2. pants that I bought online fit -- feeling better about being prepared for trip
3. rain washed snow away
4. got some writing done...it moves in fits and snatches
5. laughed and laughed and laughed at a tv show...or two
6. had a brief chat with an old neighbor who'd I watched grow up...
7. Good hot cup of tumeric ooco...(tumeric, black pepper, cinnamon, coco, coconut milk, almond milk and honey)

Hunting moments of joy in a cold drab February sky....knowing all is temporary, and memories we choose to hold...if nothing else.

B.) Finished watching the pilot of Emerald City -- it's much better than expected, not sure why the critics disliked it. I found it to be compelling and rather innovative in places, a nice twist on the old tales and an interesting commentary on sexism and gender roles.

Also the production value is quite good.


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