Feb. 26th, 2017

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Almost done with John Scalzi's "Redshirts", which is really just a satire and meta-narrative, existenalist riff on writing, Luis Pirandella's Six Characters in Search of a Writer, fiction, god and Star Trek.

Decided to take Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with me to Costa Rica along with the Kindle. Why? It's sort of similar to Red Shirts, an existential riff, satire on sci-fi, but in this instance Doctor Who...and it's British, the British are better at Satire than Americans, in part because they've been at it longer.

I caved to watch the Ocsrs, for the musical numbers, not the awards, don't really care who wins. Only saw one or maybe two of the movies up for an award. La La Land and I think Zootopia. Yeah, I know I'm behind. And I can't say I enjoyed either that much...but were disturbing in different ways. (I know a lot about jazz so La La Land irritated me a bit in regards to how it handled jazz. It did not handle it well. Emma Stone's story arc was actually a lot better. So I found La La Land to be sort of uneven. I'm thinking if you don't know much about jazz, it probably didn't bug you. This was the sort of movie you either loved, hated, or were ambivalent about -- I was ambivalent.)

Okay let's see if the Oscars will avoid talking about the Doofus?

Well, they made it ten minutes...long enough for the musical number.


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