Mar. 21st, 2017

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1. VOTE for Anita Shepard for Tony Birch Foundation Fellowship -- she makes the BEST yogurt. It's coconut yogurt, no sweeteners, no additives, creamy, and tastes like ice cream without sugar. Better probiotic than other yogurts. And if you can't eat diary, like me, or are vegan...this stuff is amazing.

I kid you not. I've been raving about this yogurt for years. Everyone that I've introduced it to, loves it and shares it with others. It's really hard to find.

Only yogurt that I can eat without getting sick or gassy. And can be mixed with cereal, fruit, or you can mix with chocolate and make a great chocolate mousse.

Apparently she's a Unitarian and goes to my church.

Go vote for her now, so you too can buy her yogurt. I can only find it in Brooklyn at the moment. And it is ridiculously difficult to find. I go out of my way to hunt for it.

2. Work is giving me writer's block. Dang it. I need a dumb job write, apparently. But that would drive me nuts.

Still writing in snatches. Wrote a couple of paragraphs on my sci-fi novel tonight. It's 236 pages now, not bad. Had intended to finish it in 2016, but got distracted by...well the turmoil and stress of the election and past three months.


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