Mar. 23rd, 2017

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1. I hate buying furniture. This is why my furniture is over ten years old and falling apart. Because I hate buying it. Everything about it -- making a decision, spending money on it, worrying about whether it is assembled and will arrive in one piece. I cannot assemble it. I am not handy. And I do not know people who are that are willing to help with that sort of thing.

Personally, I'd rather spend the money on a Broadway musical or a vacation. I don't like spending money on furniture. I realize this makes me a wee bit eccentric, but there it is.

Sorry for the rent, but I've been looking for pre-assembled arm chairs on the internet again. Crate and Barrell's are ridiculously expensive, but Pottery Barn may be doable, assuming of course they are preassembled like Crate and Barrell. Wayfair's weren't. You have to put on the legs, which may be doable.

2. Reading Meme

I'm reading two books at the moment. Neither are exactly "enthralling me" and I feel this weird craving for a gooey romance novel. What can I say, it's that time of month and I've an itch I need to scratch. (Too Much Info? Tough boogies. I'm also cranky. Again that time of month. And well, it's cold, March, everything looks dead -- although some things are making a valiant effort to sprout even if the frigging weather can't make up its mind. Today - 20 degrees, tomorrow - 50 degrees, Sat - 60 wonder the plants are confused. I'm confused.)

Book 1: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Addams --- read at your own risk or you ever read a book that everyone else loves and you're thinking...okay, did I just get the wrong book? )

Book #2 -- good transition to the other book I'm reading for a Religious Ed class that I'm taking at Church, more as a means to get more involved with church than anything else, also to learn more about the Unitarian Universalist view of Christianity, which is a bit different than everyone else's and I'm discovering closest to my own. (And here I was thinking that no one else perceived it the way I did.)

The book is ...I can never remember the name of it..."Christ for Unitarian Universalists - A New Discussion" (UU's deal with Christianity from a more rational basis than most Christian faiths, yet also look at it from a religious or spiritual perspective. There are a lot of Christian UU's and theist UU's...I'm a theist/Christian UU in my own way. Also, I know more about religion than people realize...because I've studied in in school, in religious studies, and attended various churches, etc. I find religion interesting and theology interesting. But I would not describe myself as religious -- religion irritates me at times. I am NOT a fan of ritual. I try to do rituals, but they seem silly to me and I can never remember them. It's not deliberate, I just forget to do them. Sort of similar to the rules to various card games. In one ear, out the other.)

Anyhow the portion of the book that I've read to date, which the first two-three chapters, discusses the difference between the pre-Easter Jesus and Post-Easter Jesus or rather, historical Jesus who actually existed, and the Jesus of Faith that his Disciples wrote extensively about in the Gospels, and believed in and experienced post Easter. They wrote the Gospels 40-70 years after he died. Think about that for a minute. And many of the phrases they attributed to him, he never said or spoke while alive.

also read at your own risk...goes into the differences between historical Jesus and the one in the Gospels )


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