Apr. 26th, 2017

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1. What I Just Finished Reading

* Royally Screwed by Emma Chase -- which reminded me of why I'm generally speaking not a fan of contemporary romance novels. This was recommended by the ladies at SmartBitches and on sale for $1.99 which is how I got suckered into grabbing it. Also I thought I needed to read it to appreciate the sequel. (I really didn't.)

For review?

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase )

* Royally Matched by Emma Chase

review below )

I won't be reading any more by her. They were okay. But not worth spending more time or money on. Flirted with "The King's Bought Bride" but once again, same trite tropes...broke elementary school substitute teacher/art gallery temp is hired by rich prince to pose as his wife for one year, in exchange for paying off her brother's debts and drug rehab. I found the set-up somewhat interesting, but the writing didn't work for me in the sample and ...I wanted a stronger heroine.

2. What I'm Reading Now

Witches of Karres by John Schmitz -- I think. On Kindle, I was reading Kerrigyn Byrn's The Highlander. But I think I will attempt Witches instead, if I like it, I might buy on Kindle. I don't like reading paperbacks, I find them tough on the eyes.

Also I'm hard on books and I'm borrowing this one from a co-worker.

I don't know what I'm reading next.
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1. After reading x-college boyfriend's post regarding which bands he didn't see in concert (apparently he saw all of them), I realized something...every guy I've either dated or spent a lot of time hanging out with is an insane music nerd. (ie. like the guy in High Fidelty, yes, I've dated the guy from High Fidelty.)

What is up with that?

Because I'm really not. And I find it annoying.

I can't remember the names of songs or the people who play them. Nor do I care. If I like the song, cool.

Not a fan of live concerts, only enjoyed one that I've been to possibly two. And while I love music, prefer listening to it or watching it without the insane feedback, where the lyrics and sound is completely lost. Never quite understood why it matters if you see it live or not.

Maybe all guys are like this? No, my father doesn't appear to be nor is my brother. They like music, but they aren't music nerds.

Very odd. Apparently I attract music nerds. Which, again, odd. I'm nerdy about a lot of things, but not music.

2. This is...


It's a ted talk by Pope Francis, which blew me away.
snippet of the full transcript below the cut )


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