May. 13th, 2017

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1. Hmmm....Once Upon A Time appear to be renewed for another season?
Why? I just finished watching the musical episode...and, oh dear. The cast can certainly sing and they sing their hearts out. But the plot, the writing, and the lyrics...don't quite work and are rather lackluster and unmemorable. It's also repetitious at this point. We've had Peter Pan, the Evil Queen, Wicked, and now the Dark Fairy, all curse the town with the help of Rumplestilskin, who appears to be related to practically all of them in some way or responsible for their power. And each time, Emma has to do something to save everyone. I don't blame Jennifer Morrison for saying this is her last season. Good for her. Wish Robert Carlyle would do the same.

At any rate, I'm finally done with it. Deleted the nine episodes the proceeded it, without watching them. There was no point. After seeing the musical episode, I didn't care what happened previously or how they all got there.

The problem with this series has always been the writing. The acting is actually fairly good, the casting for the most part is up to snuff, and the special effects and production value is all there -- but the writing...I keep wondering how these people got their jobs? The plots don't quite hold together, the story has been stretched almost too thin, and the characters that could have been developed and explored never quite are without falling back into cliche. And the dialogue which had potential never quite zings.

On FB someone compared it with Once More With Feeling. And they were right, it pales in comparison. Whedon actually is a good writer. He can write a singable and memorable lyric and song. The man understands poetry and composition. He also knows how to further character and story with song. The writers of OUAT have no clue.
It felt like ratings bait. Which I admittedly fell for. Very similar to The Flash, except it was oddly better.

Anyhow...what's bewildering about Once Upon a Time is it appears to have been renewed for another season? What else can it possibly say? I think it should have ended with the musical episode. But oh well. It ended for me with the musical episode. I don't know if I'll watch the season finale or not. On the fence. I have a feeling they are planning on killing off Emma. I'm hoping they just write her and Hook and her family off into the sunset...into their happy ending.

I almost wish the series ended with the ending of the third season or fourth, with Regina sending Emma and Henry back to our world without their memories, and everyone else back to the Enchanted Forest. Storybrook itself dissolving into the ether. Those seasons worked and that ending was brilliant.

I think continuing after that ending...stretched the show too thin and in some ways killed its magic.

I've decided that some television series last too long. It's better to find an ending. The curse of television. It often doesn't know when to end things.

2.) The Catch -- wish this show would get another season. Although, not surprised it hasn't. While I liked it for the most part, it had a lot of problems. The casting was all wrong for the most part. And the writing/direction felt off. Casting is often 90% of it, as Ridley Scott recently stated -- that 98% of his success is that he has a good eye for casting. He does. Shondra Rhimes and her crew...don't, they are off a lot of the time. Grey's and Scandal, aren't bad, but also uneven. How to Get Away with Murder -- was horribly uneven, only two or three people in its cast work - but it's writing also had issues. I tried to like it. The Catch -- with the exception of Rhys, Daniel, Margot, and Tommy Vaugh, not good casting. Alice, Benjy, Ethan, Justine, Val, and Sofie never quite grab you and they really needed too. Particularly Alice and Benjy, who were supposed to be the leads.

And the plotting/story was very jagged and jarring. Too busy, and too much happening, almost as if the writers couldn't focus or got bored and felt stuff needed to be added.

So, while I wanted more of it, at the same time I desperately wanted to fix it. Just wish ABC would renew it and cancel OUAT and Marvels Agents of Shield, both of which I gave up on this year. Well, no, I gave up on Marvel Agents of Shield last year. Once I gave up on in January.

3. Decided to switch to Google Chrome finally. It's working better than Firefox. Faster interface and less bugs. Also, charger is working better. Was concerned. I may be able to put off buying a new computer for a bit longer.


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