May. 21st, 2017

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1. Old college friend has been posting her journey through South Dakota on FB. She's been hiking a South Dakota national park trail for her friend's 50th birthday. I tell this to my mother over the phone.

Mother: South Dakota?
Me: Yep.
Mother: There isn't anything in South Dakota except Mount Rushmore and the Badlands.
Me: I guess they are hiking the trail to Mount Rushmore.
Mother: Your grandfather was born there...why would anyone?
Me: I don't know. Just that it's really cold there and they got snow, so it go adventurous.

Admittedly this is the same college friend who thought we posted something about tourists boycotting Iowa.

2. Finished watching Victoria on Masterpiece finally. It was okay, I liked the acting. But the writing..and pacing had problems. Frankly? It drug. We spent a lot of time watching people walk through hallways, cross-stitching in silence, wandering about the countryside, and staring at each other. I kept falling asleep. Also it made me aware of how frightfully irresponsible the aristocrats were...there was poverty around them, and here they are wandering around bored in this huge castle or palace with hardly anyone in it. Made it hard for me to feel sympathetic to their plight. I think they should have gotten rid of the downstairs bit, which was hard to follow or care much about.

It should have been closer in structure to The Crown and less like Downton Abbey.

3. Big Bang Theory made me laugh hard for the first time in a while. That ending was precious.
And I adore Mayim Balik's Amy. Her facial reactions are perfection.

4. Another college friend on FB posted that she was shocked that Alan Cummings had come out that he was gay. And how disappointed she was, because she'd been crushing on him forever.

Posters: Are you serious? I mean, it's sort of obvious...
Friend: yes, I thought he was just being British.

Me: How could you not know this? (I mean it's not like he hid or anything, and he came out ages ago.)
(Also as an aside, what does being British have to do with it? LOL!)

See? FB can be rather entertaining if you avoid the politics. Right now everyone appears to be. It's either a slow week, or they got burned out. Probably the latter.

5. Riverdale -- on the fence. I like Jughead, and find Betty weirdly hanging around. Actually I love the cinematography. This thing is well shot. I mean it's just beautiful in places. The writing and acting unfortunately don't quite do it justice...but it could have just been a bad episode. (I've about 6 or 7 episodes behind.)


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