May. 26th, 2017

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1. I posted this on FB..."how would I go about adopting a kitty?" And...for some reason people interpreted that as meaning, I want to adopt a cat right now. (Uh no. I wanted to know how to go about it, because I've been considering it and want to explore the idea. If I wanted to adopt one right now, I'd say -- I want to adopt a cat, can you help?)

One friend emailed an ad from a real estate friend of hers, who'd apparently rescued a cat from a chimney. Apparently the rescuer can't take care of said kitty. The kitty is two weeks old, had just gotten some stitches on her chin from falling down the chimney. "See," said friend, "an incredibly beautiful kitty just fell from the sky for you."

I wrote back..."uh, thanks, but I need to figure out a few things first, such as where to put the kitty litter, etc..."

Her response..."well, I know someone who put the kitty litter in the bathtub and took it out when she needed to take shower. Always thought that was a bit dirty and gross myself, but worked for her. And when the time comes remember to buy 'The World's Best Kitty Litter'. "

Sigh. I told this story to my Mom.

ME: "I posted on FB about how to go about adopting a cat. They interpreted that as meaning adopting a cat this minute or this weekend. So now, people are throwing cats at me."
Mother: They clearly don't know you very well.

Yes, I plan on doing it eventually. I just have to work my way up to it. Just as I have to work my way up to buying new furniture.

It's not that I don't necessarily like change...I just have to worry my into it.

2. Finally watched the televised version of Dirty Dancing all the way through, from beginning to end, instead of snippets.

Mother: Why did they feel the need to do a televised remake of the film?
Me: Well it's actually adapted more from the musical version of the film.
Mother: Except it's more like the film version -- I can't see how they could do the logs and lake bit in a stage musical.

We both agreed the original movie was better. spoilery review )

3. Very happy it is Friday. Work has been making me crazy all week long. Overslept this morning. But there was an early quit due to the holiday weekend. So hurray.
Yay -- three day weekend.


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