Jan. 21st, 2017

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I couldn't figure out how to post pictures to DW, they only permit urls for some reason. So I posted to LJ and will include a link to that post here:


Over 300,000 people marched in the Women's March in NYC today. Below are photos from our march from 47th Street to 2nd Avenue, then 2nd Avenue to 42nd Street, and 42nd St to 5th Avenue. The March was to be from 2nd Avenue to 42nd, 42nd to 5th, and 5th to 56th, but they stopped it at 50th apparently and re-routed to 1st Avenue, because of the area around Trump Tower has been blocked off. Or so we were told. Doesn't matter, at 4PM, I'd made it as far as 42nd and 3rd Avenue. I jumped out with a friend at 3rd and 42nd, a couple of blocks from 5th Avenue. We'd been marching from roughly 11:30 AM to 4PM. We bailed at 4PM. Our feet quite numb from the cold. It was supposed to be in the 50s, but felt more like the 40s. The whole time, I was thinking, a nice hot bath would be wonderful and maybe a cup of hot coco.

I journeyed home and took a nice hot bath. The trains were screwy today. Several weren't running at all, two on other lines. It was a mess. And the city hadn't prepared for 300,000 marchers, they'd expected only 60-75,000. DC had over 500,000, the expectation had been 100,000. Chicago, over 200,000. Boston, also over 200,000. LA came close to 400,000. Denver was close to 100,000. My mother was telling me over the phone that CNN was showing pictures of it from around the world and the size of the protests was inspiring. People came out in droves, all races, all ages, all people.

I'm glad I did it. It was amazing. People were kind, helpful and considerate. And all in agreement.
We were unified in our horror at the election of Trump and what has transpired since then. We are horrified at the friends, family members, and co-workers who had voted for him. One woman stated her mother had, and then was praying for World Peace, wondering if that was an oxymoron. There was one sign, I didn't capture a photo of -- "It's so bad, Introverts came."

My friends turned and pointed at me -- yep, even I came. And I never do these things. But I felt I had to this time.
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What happened today was in one word amazing. And it gave me hope for the future, so much hope.

This is what I posted on my Face Book page:

Every march around the world today was non-violent. There was no violence. No gas. No pain. I checked the news -- and it was peaceful. Everywhere. No bombs. No terrorist attacks. No carnage. In every city around the world where there were marches. We felt safe. Not for a minute did I feel unsafe. When a child went missing in NY, we automatically did an echo and response, her name, her jacket, her age, and where to go. We chanted, "we want a leader, not a creepy tweeter" and "rights for all", we supported each other, sang, clapped, and bonded. No terrorist attacks. The police were friendly. And on the crowded subways home? People got up and gave seats to those who needed them, were kind, and helpful. The weather across the US was warmer than usual and nice. The sun came out for a bit. It didn't rain. It was like mother nature was smiling down at us, with her approval and her grace. (Yesterday, in stark contrast it rained all day, was dreary, and cold.) Today, yes, cold, but not freezing, in the 40s and 50s, in NY, bearable and the news reported more or less the same elsewhere. You can stand up for what you believe without guns, without fisticuffs, without violence, in peaceful celebration of life and diversity. Without hate in your heart. And the sun will shine down on you in response.

And here are some links:

Pictures of the Women's March Around the World Today

We marched in all 50 States, and almost all our cities, from sea to shining sea, including Hawaii. Canada marched, Great Britain, France, Germany, they did it around the world. A tally of 4.1 million at last count -- although I think it is more because a lot of people came and did it part way, or had to bail. Many didn't have themselves counted.

Women's March attendance being reported, so far...by Facebook

Los Angeles: 750K
Washington, DC: 500K
New York: 400K
Chicago: 250K
Boston: 175K
Denver: 150K
Seattle: 130K
London: 100K
Portland: 100K
St. Paul: 100K
San Francisco: 100K
Paris: 80K
Madison: 75k
Atlanta: 60K
Oakland: 60K
Toronto: 60K
Philadelphia: 50K
Austin: 50K
San Diego: 30K
Des Moines: 26K
San Jose: 25K
Pittsburgh: 25K
Houston: 22K
Nashville: 20K
Sacramento: 20K
Phoenix: 20K
St. Petersburg: 20K
St. Louis: 20K
Omaha: 18K
Raleigh: 17K
Tucson: 15K
Cleveland: 15K
Montpelier: 15K
Portland, ME: 15K
Ashland, OR: 15K
Santa Ana, CA: 15K
Las Vegas: 15K
Tallahassee: 14K
Oklahoma City: 12K
Cincinatti: 12K
Ann Arbor: 11K
Vancouver, BC: 10K
Reno: 10K
Kansas City: 10K
Miami: 10K
Olympia: 10K
Walnut Creek: 10K
Charlotte: 10K
Lansing: 10K
Melbourne: 10K
Ithaca: 10K
Asheville: 10K
New Orleans: 10K
Hartford: 10K
Augusta: 10K
Helena: 10K
Madrid: 10K
Bellingham: 10K
Seneca Falls, NY: 10K
Santa Cruz: 10K
Park City: 8K
Honolulu: 8K
Ottawa, ON: 8K
Albany, NY: 7K
San Luis Obispo: 7K
Little Rock: 7K
Eugene, OR: 7K
Indianapolis: 7K
West Palm Beach: 7K
Providence: 7K
Colorado Springs: 7K
Lansing: 7K
Memphis: 6K
Asbury Park: 6K
Calgary, AB: 6K
Santa Fe: 6K
VIctoria, BC: 6K
Santa Barbara: 6K
Boise: 5K
Knoxville: 5K
Santa Rosa: 5K
Detroit: 5K
Sydney: 5K
Lexington: 5K
Champaign: 5K
Baltimore: 5K
Dallas: 5K
Fort Worth: 5K
Louisville: 5K
Spokane: 5K
Sarasota: 5K
Bend, OR: 4K
Portsmouth, NH: 4K
Sioux Falls: 4K
Topeka: 3K
Charleston: 3K
Buffalo: 3K
Fargo: 3K
Winnipeg: 3K
Erie, PA: 3K
Wichita: 3K
Columbus: 3K
Dayton: 3K
Albuquerque: 3K
Lincoln: 3K
Roanoke: 3K
Chico, CA: 3K
Amsterdam: 3K
Greenfield, MA: 2K
Fresno: 2K
Achorage: 2K
Pensacola: 2K
Manchester: 2K
Astoria: 2K
Rochester: 2K
Fairbanks: 2K
Montreal: 2K
Edmonton: 2K
Syracuse: 2K
Columbia, SC: 2K
Northampton: 2K
Oslo: 2K
Dublin: 2K
Eureka: 2K
Casper: 1K
Kalamazoo: 1K
Wilmington, NC: 1K
Frederick, MD: 1K
Wooster, OH: 1K
Savannah: 1K
Stockholm: 1K
Halifax, NS: 1K
Cheyenne: 1K
Nanaimo, BC: 1K

These are the Official Ones but they keep changing, the above tallies are more accurate

Powerful Photos of Marches Around the World

Over 670 cities around the world participated, including small towns and compounds, such as the science research base on Antartica.

The Women's March is a Stand Against Complacency or Things are so Bad, that Introverts are here.

The signs were almost all homemade. Many were clever, channeling humor and whimsy (“There will be hell toupee,” “Things are so bad even introverts have to protest”), as well as anger, determination and commitment.


The politics of the next few months and years will depend a great deal on whether the energy displayed on Saturday is sustained through the hard work of political activism. I can imagine skeptics reading this and saying one day of protests will be very easy for Trump and the Republican Party to absorb (even if one can imagine Trump’s fury at not getting even a day’s peace).

But there is reason to believe this was not a one-off. First, there was not a single march in Washington but demonstrations all over the country. As the tea party showed, change comes from local actions coordinated nationally. There is clearly a large national base of opposition, community by community.

Second, the reaction to Trump is unprecedented. No other president faced such a wave of rallies immediately after he took office. No other president so quickly mobilized so many people against him. Trump really is special.

Third, the march here (and such evidence I have seen suggests this was true elsewhere) was strikingly nonsectarian. There were not people pushing very narrow ideological agendas or political subgroups insisting that they and only they had, in old left parlance, “the right line” on the future. Different parts of the anti-Trump coalition were generally happy to reinforce one another’s messages.

Finally, Trump’s election jarred many progressives and moderates from quiescence. If these marches were for women and against Trump, they were also marches against complacency. That may have been their most important message.

And...finally. Ashely Judd Explains Why Many Women Marched Today


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