May. 7th, 2017

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[Prior to my review, was thinking about something the other day -- while jumping about the net looking for info on a favorite Marvel character that no one appears to like but me, and realized why being involved in a fandom isn't always...workable. I can't think of the right word. I mean what happens if you are "fannish" about something, and everyone you come across really isn't? I suppose you could find someone who loves it...but it can take a bit of doing. Buffy was easy -- when I joined the fandom, 75% of the people I ran across seemed to agree with me. We were simpatico for the most part. Oh there were a few here and there that didn't but generally worked out okay. Hmm...this may be why Buffy is the only fandom I've managed to join or stick with for a length of time. It's not that I don't get fannish about things, it's just that I find it hard to find people who are like-minded about it. And don't get me wrong, I do like disagreement here and there, but it does get exhausting and it would be nice if you didn't have to do it all the time.

I think this is why I struggled with getting too involved with the Doctor Who fandom. What turned me on doesn't appear to turn on other people. rather long musing on this that you may want to skip, don't say you weren't warned )

Okay that was rather long. I sort of went off-tangent. So went back to put it behind a cut.

1. Thin Ice

Was rather disappointed in this episode, after all the shining reviews of it online. They were touting it as the best episode so far. (Hmmm, see above. But this is should be a warning to me, whenever the fandom or the critics LOVE a Doctor Who episode, I appear to find it rather boring and derivative...wondering WTF are they smoking? Yes, folks, I'm at odds with the Doctor Who fandom apparently. This happened with The Vincent Van Gough episode (which I can't remember and did not understand the appeal of), Girl in the Fire Place (ditto), the whole Rose Tyler arc, most of Donna's arc with the exception of Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead -- which I thought were the best episodes ever, and everyone else didn't. Yes, I'm definitely at odds with the fandom. Oh well.)

Anyhow...what I liked about the episode, there's a reiteration of this season's apparent theme, which is "things aren't evil, they are just hungry or wanting to survive". Also a reiteration of the theme in Moana -- although I liked how Moana expressed it much better. (Which is's greedy impulses destroy what is freely given. Harnessing a creature of nature for his own needs, makes man the monster not the creature.) Actually I think the only monsters we need to fear are ourselves. Which seems to be a theme that Doctor Who is reiterating this season.

spoilers )

Overall not a bad episode. I was a bit bored during it and thought it could have been better paces. Also it got a bit didatic and preachy in places. (Characters stopped everything and gave long speechs that didn't really propel the action and weren't really required. They were nice speeches. But, I'd heard it before. In fact when Bill asks the Doctor if you have to live a thousand years to give a speech like that. I thought, uh no, he gave one more or less just like it when he was just 600 years old.)

2. Knock Knock

Found this episode far more entertaining. Don't know who wrote it. Noticed a woman wrote the last episode, which was nice. We have women writers now. Maybe we always did on Doctor Who and I just didn't notice? I felt guilty for not liking her episode better than this one. Solidarity and all that. But I wouldn't worry about it too much, apparently everyone else including the critics felt the opposite.

I thought this one was rather clever. (Although the bug bit felt repetitive. Haven't we done that before? I feel like I've seen it somewhere...just can't remember where? Oh well, there's no new plots, I've pretty much seen everything done somewhere doesn't really matter. But I kept trying to figure out what television show or episode did something similar.)

And the dialogue/banter between various characters was hilarious in places. I did have to put it on close caption, because between the songs, sound-effects, and the thick British accents, I was having troubles making out what the characters were saying -- particularly in The Thin Ice episode.

spoilers )

Rather enjoyed this one. Overall? A good episode. Not as good as "The Pilot" but I think a notch better than the last two.


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