May. 27th, 2017

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[Have a dinner date with Uhurua around 7, who I haven't seen in a while. We considered a movie. But Wonder Woman isn't out yet. And U didn't see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, sort of impossible to see 2, without 1. U did ask if I wanted to see...Alien: Covenant.

Me: I'm not sure I want to see a horror movie...and I thought you hated horror movies?
U: Well if it's sci-fi and not Nightmare on Elm Street...I can usually do it....Never mind, lets' keep it simple and just do dinner.

LOL. I don't know. I think of the Alien movies as full fledged horror films. But then I also think of Doctor Who as horror, so what do I know?

Anyhow, we'll see if I can write this in under two hours. ]

So, I finally saw the Doctor Who episode "Extremis" which apparently revealed who was in the vault and why. Feel sort of silly for thinking it could have been anyone else. Sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar or the simplest choice is the right one.

I liked the episode. I could tell Moffat wrote it, has the intricacies of plot that Moffat is famous for. With some good dialogue throughout. Particularly liked Bill's exchanges with the Doctor and Nardole

If an episode has good dialogue, I'll usually enjoy it. (And no, not all the episodes have good dialogue, at least three did not. I'm picky about dialogue. Some people are picky about plot, some about moral messages, some about theme, some world-building, some consistencies, for me? It's dialogue. (Well, dialogue and character development, which often go hand in hand). Which you'd think wouldn't be a problem in a medium that is basically 98% dialogue, is.)

I also agree with the people who said River Song's tale is far from over. There were numerous allusions to River Song, in particular the whole idea of a simulation world where people were data feeds, set up in a manner similar to the Library. Maybe one of the reasons I liked this episode is in some respects it reminded me of Silence in the Library?

spoilers although I think everyone but me has seen it by now )

Overall I enjoyed the episode. (just the one quibble about the villain). It has a big of a chinese puzzle box of a plot, but that's Moffat and why I enjoy his writing.

Ranking of episodes?

1. Pilot
2. Extremis
3. Knock Knock
4. Smile
5. Thin Ice
6. Oxygen.

[Sigh. The Opera Singer is back. It sounds like a Russian Opera singer, singing in Hebrew...So a Russian Jewish Opera Singer? I live in an interesting place. Today I bought earrings at an African Street fair, which was packed. And the only white people there were possibly me and ten other people spread throughout. All the vendors and 90% of the customers were African-American or Carribbean-American descent, ie. black. The earrings are gorgeous. They'd bussed people in. This was in Fort Greene, which otherwise is wall to wall yuppie or hipster in today's lingo. Under 40, hip, white, and pretty. They all look a like. All thin. All active. Guys wear beards. Women long hair. I
feel like I'm looking at the cast of one of those shows on Freeform.]


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