May. 28th, 2017

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Well, I actually watched an episode within 24 hours in which it aired. Usually it's fourteen days later. Also, dear BBCAmerica, please stop airing the last five minutes of Doctor Who within the same time slot as Class, because my DVR keeps cutting it off. In order to see the last five minutes, I had to start DVRing Class. No haven't watched any episodes of it yet, in part because I'm annoyed that I have to tune in order to see the last five minutes of Doctor Who.

spoilers )


1. Pilot
2. Extremis
3. Smile
4. Pyramid at the End of the World
5. Thin Ice
6. Oxygen

How many episodes does Doctor Who have? Is it ten a year? Or six? Or thirteen? I'm guessing ten.
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1. Apparently I'm not the only one who didn't enjoy this week's Who all that much and had issues with it.

I didn't hate it. But, I'm admittedly not quite as fannish about the series as others. But I did think it was rather clumsily written.

Hmmm, while hunting down the listing of this season's Doctor Who episodes (hard to do when you have no clue which season this is supposed to be), I stumbled upon an announcement of the NEW DOCTOR or rather who will be replacing Capadali and when it will happen.[ETA: Fake announcement. Just found out it was fake. So never mind.]

Looked up Peter Harness, who co-wrote Pyramid at the End of the World, and yep I don't like his writing. He'd also wrote the Zygon invasion episodes, which I also had issues with. In fact, I think I gave up on Doctor Who during that season in part because of those episodes.

2. Dinner was lovely with U last night. She's very wise. She refuses to discuss or talk about politics at all. With anyone. I'd bring it up. She'd say nothing. Or change the subject. (U voted for Clinton.) Avoids it completely in every way.

3. My crazy church friends on FB are still throwing cats at me. The latest is a poor cat who is depressed after just losing her owner of ten or twelve years. This is getting ridiculous. Although it is rather amusing. My friends on Dreamwidth are trying to talk me out of it, while my friends on FB are trying to guilt me into adopting a cat right this very second. Who knew adopting a cat was such a controversial subject? I blame all those cat videos.


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